Side-By-Side Notes To Doctors At Same Practice Show Gender Bias From Sales Rep

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Introductory notes from a Stryker sales rep are making their way around Twitter after an Orthopaedic surgeon with a large following posted them while pointing out the differences in which the woman doctor is being communicated to in comparison to her male co-worker.

@_NancyMD shared the photos, though she did note that this wasn’t a personal photo, but one shared with her. In the pic, you can see a “Hi [woman’s first name],” compared to the other note, which addresses the doctor as “Mr. [doctor’s last name].”

The content of both notes is very similar — the rep would like to introduce himself personally to each doctors. But while his note to the male doctor is much more formal, he writes to the female doctor with a casual tone. “Do you have 5 minutes free this week so I can stop by to introduce myself?”, he asks the woman. “If possible, I would appreciate the opportunity to stop by during your office hours. If you have any availability, I would like to introduce myself,” reads the message to the male partner.

In the replies. women doctors shared their personal experience with patients calling them by their first names instead of their professional title while in the office and having to insist being called “Doctor.” Some pointed out that the letter to the woman doctor also appeared to have misspellings in it, inferring that as another sign of unconscious disrespect.

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