The Emotional Roller-Coaster Of Shopping For Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts

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Every year, my quest for buying Christmas gifts for my kids seems to follow a certain formula. I start off determined to finish early- to get out in late October and secure the must-have items from their wish lists before the rest of the world is even thinking about it. I always resolve to be sitting pretty on December 23rd with a glass of wine, smugly watching White Christmas and knowing I’m all done. My daughter is seven so I’ve been at it for several years and this magical dream has yet to happen and the pattern of my emotions emerges annually, almost a carbon copy of the year before. Shopping for my kid’s gifts is truly an emotional roller-coaster every year and I doubt it will ever change:

This year, I will finish early.

big yes2

I always say I am not messing around with the crowds because I HATE crowds. It never seems to happen.

Ok, I will finish right after Thanksgiving.


I mean, respect the turkey, and all. Really, it is un-American to start shopping for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Right? Right.

Shit, it’s early December and I’ve barely started.


The shelves at Target are starting to look a little lean. I’ve waited too long. Double shit.

Ugh, I have not bought a single stocking stuffer.

oh crap

Would they care if I just filled it with packages of fruit snacks and granola bars?

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