Mom Works Three Jobs So Her Rotten Teen Can Blow $1000 A Month On Clothes

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Shopaholic Teenager A mother from Morcambe is working extra hard, three-jobs-and-looking-for-a-fourth-hard, all so she can make sure her 15-year-old daughter develops a shopping addiction problem by the time she is 16. OK, so maybe that isn’t why she is working all these jobs, including one scrubbing toilets, but it may as well be because she explains the reason why she does it is: ‘Lauren‘s totally different when we go out shopping,’ she explains. ‘She’s so full of energy and we have a good time and laugh and joke…It gives her a lift,  I think, for that short while.’ According to The Daily Mail, the mother Jackie and her adorable spoiled daughter Lauren will be appearing on a special entitled The 12 Year Old Shopaholic and Other Big Spending Kids on Channel 5 this evening, but due to the magical powers of the Internet we don’t even need to watch this special to be able to roll our eyes at this whole situation. A few choice quotes?

‘I do feel quite guilty because it’s just money wasted. I don’t know how much [my shoes] cost because my mum just buys them for me.

‘She buys them and I don’t ask. I just say thank you. I know my mum is a pushover, and I’m not going to lie, it’s just because she’s really soft and she agrees to most stuff.’


‘I think my friends would describe me as spoilt and I don’t disagree with them because I know I am,’ she laughs.

Lauren also explains she doesn’t wear most of the items her mom purchases for her.

Now, I know, I know, people can spend their money any way they want and if someone wants to buy their kid Louboutins that will sit in their closet, that is their business, but I’m not sure this method of parenting is teaching a kid any worthwhile life lessons.

Why back in my day, wait, this needs to be illustrated so you guys can see exactly how I look right now:

Back in my day we didn’t have a lot of money so my mom would give me 20 bucks and I would haunt the thrift stores with my little friends and it was so much fun! Yes, I wandered around wearing moth-eaten beaded cardigans from the 1950’s and dresses from dead people but I loved mixing my wardrobe up with creepy old vintage finds and whatever normal items my mom purchased for me. That’s how we did it back in my day and that’s how we liked it!

Now that my own children have their own opinions on what they wear, I’m trying to teach them about quality over quantity and that a $50 sweater they take care of will look much nicer than a $13 acrylic sequined monstrosity from Justice that turns into spiderwebs the first time it is laundered. And I’m also trying to teach them that material objects and fancy things won’t make them happy. I think we all like to spoil our kids to an extent, but there is no way in hell I would ever work three jobs to fund my kid’s shopping addiction.

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