Sh*t Urban Moms Say Is Finally Here

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Shit Urban Moms SayThe “Shit People Say” meme may have already seen its viral peak on the Internet machine. I personally enjoyed the “Shit New Yorkers Say” and “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls.” But considering that everyone in the far reaches of the interwebs has a comment on the “shit” some type of person is saying somewhere, I’m pleased to report that UrbanSitter has now brought us all the famous modern one-liners from urban mothers — and do I recognize a few.

Some are of the standard “Get that out of your mouth!” variety. But with “Five more minutes on the iPad!” and “Tuesday we have Mandarin tutor,” I definitely recognize the stereotypes of my neighboring Brooklyn mommies. Bugaboo advocates will also appreciate a nod to their stroller of choice, and there is always the essential question of why Whole Foods has yet to hire nannies on the premises.

[youtube_iframe id=”Z0xWwVbbhuw”]