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Shawty Lo Got Those Baby Mamas Pregnant By Accident Because Those Tricky Condoms Just Wouldn’t Stay On

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you tubeUgh you people totally need to stop baby-shaming Shawty Lo and the fact he has 11 babies by 10 different baby mamas! What is with you people? Trying to get his new reality show banned, calling him a bad role model on the Internets, and possibly silently judging his choice of jewelry, or that last one may just be me. Shawty says he is an excellent dad and an excellent role model, and that he just didn’t put babies inside all of those different women on purpose, but it was his own mother’s fault. And his daddy’s fault. And the condom’s fault. From Newsone.com:

“[My] mother was on drugs as a child; my father was elsewhere; my grandmother raised me and she died from cancer when I was seventeen … I came to be probably one of the largest drug dealers to come from the Atlanta-Bankhead area, and uh, I started having kids. When the money came, a lot of women came. I wasn’t trying to have babies, but I was talking to these women and, you know, once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend, or whatever, you know, the rubber probably came off.”


And after the rubber came off, it’s those ten baby mamas we can blame for saddling Shawty with 11 kids!

They wouldn’t have an abortion; they would take the money and run with it. Just so they can have a baby by the most poppin-est guy in the streets. So that’s how I had all them kids.

Ugh you guys! Shawty Lo is the most poppin-est guy in the streets and I think that it’s safe to say the majority of women can get pregnant just by looking at him. And shame on his baby mamas like Wanna-Be-Bougie Baby Mama and Baby Mama From Hell who just wouldn’t take that money and go have an abortion. Shawty Lo can’t be blamed for any of this! Not the fact his mamas didn’t want abortions, and not the fact that those condoms just wouldn’t stay on his penis during sexy time, not that fact that he was obviously absent with a tummy ache during every period of health class that covered contraception and the fact he just doesn’t understand how people get pregnant. If I were Shawty, I would fully be considering filing a lawsuit against all condom companies.

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