Share Your Funny Parenting Stories To Help Fellow Moms And Dads Cope

I’m in my early 30’s but my kids will be eight and six this year. The majority of my friends are just now having babies, so I’m currently surrounded by new parents. Since I’ve been there, done that, I only have memories to go on so I can participate in the conversation. Up until now, I’ve questioned the value of my contributions. However, a Reddit thread from an overwhelmed dad made me see it in a new light. You never know how much your funny parenting stories can help a fellow parent in their darkest hour. Knowing someone else has been where you are now and came out with their sanity (relatively) intact can be so comforting.

Being the parent of small children can feel very isolating at times. Luckily, not as much now that we have the internet to read about other people going through what we’re going through.This dad on Reddit kind of broke my heart with his post and I’m so glad he had this community to turn to when he needed cheering up:

sad dad

I so feel for this guy. Our families are not local either and it made the early years of parenting tough for us. I was staying at home and we did not have extra money for babysitters so neither of us ever felt we got a break. And as I mentioned, we had our children quite young. None of my friends had kids yet when I had my daughter and I felt very alone. Having friends to tell me funny stories about their kids at the age mine were would have been wonderful.

The answers this Reddit dad received are worth scrolling through because they’re hilarious. I’m sure it did help brighten his day to read them and to remind himself that like all things, this too shall pass. Sometimes, when I’m yabbering about something cute my kids did as toddlers to a friend with kids that age, I feel like maybe she’s annoyed or thinking I’m out of touch. Now, I think there is some value in sharing some tidbits from my days “in the trenches”. There was no feeling more lonely to me than new motherhood and being so consumed with my days caring for my little ones that I became utterly convinced no one else was going through what I was.

When we tell stories about parenting, we all feel a little less alone. You really never know who you might be talking off the ledge when you share a goofy tale of your toddler dropping a whole bag of Goldfish crackers in the toilet or your pre-schooler deciding to discuss your boobs with the cashier at Target. It’s so important that we talk about all aspects of parenting, the good, the bad and the funny. We’re all in the same boat and sometimes, we need a little life preserver tossed at us to get through a big wave.

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