World’s Nicest And Out Of Work Pregnant Lady Finds And Returns $4000 That Belongs To Elderly Woman

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money bookAfter reading about the “Worst People Alive” earlier, it’s great to see some news about Good People. Let’s call this next woman today’s “Best Person Alive.”

Shannon Baker, a 27-year-old mom, who is also pregnant with her second child, made a surprising discovery last week; four thousand dollars in cash. Baker, who along with her husband, is out of work, made the heartwarming decision to return the money, even though it would have been perfectly legal for her to keep it.

I know, I know, you might be thinking that she doesn’t deserve special treatment for doing what everyone should do, but come on. Most people would have pocketed the cash and went on their merry way, especially if they were pregnant and out of work.

According to Baker, none of her friends and family can believe that she actually returned the cash. She cites her 7-year-old daughter as the reason why:

“My kid was standing right there when I found it,” she said. “So basically I taught my daughter how to be honest. And for me that was fine.”

As expected, the lady who lost the money, who is in her 70’s, was ecstatic. She lost the envelope of money, which belonged to her employer, when it fell out of her pocket, and didn’t expect to have it returned. She was able to identify the exact amount as well as the denominations and had a receipt for the check that had been cashed just minutes before the money was lost. She was obviously incredibly grateful to have it back. According to Baker:

“She came to my house and she was almost in tears, thanking me,” Baker said. “She gave me a hug and an envelope with a small amount in it. For me, it was to teach my daughter honesty and morally showing what I was taught growing up. To be honest about what you do.”

Any employer would be lucky to have such an honest, stand up person like Baker.

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