Shakira Is That Mom Bragging About Her Joyous Pregnancy And I Love Her For It

ShakiraIt turns out, Shakira and I have a little something in common. No, this has nothing to do with hip isolations. We are both that mom. We’re the lady who just loves pregnancy, the one that every other pregnant woman hates. Don’t believe me? Check out Shakira’s Instagram.

The pop singer just shared this glowing picture of her and her gorgeous boyfriend with the caption, “I could have another 9 months like this!”

Seriously? When most women are that late into their pregnancy, they’re just miserable. They aren’t cuddling with anyone because they’re sweating up a storm. They aren’t smiling for the camera, they’re grimacing over back pain and trying to hold down their heartburn. Who is happy during the last couple months of pregnancy?

I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but I was. I would spend hours just holding my stomach and talking to the baby growing inside of it. Every night, I read aloud to my belly. Even as my ankles threatened to become thicker than my knees, I just giggled and bought bigger shoes. I took pictures of my perfectly round belly that I promise to never, ever share on the internet. Ever.

My sister likes to tell me that I was the most annoying pregnant woman ever. She gets horrible morning sickness for months. I just get a constant, obnoxious grin plastered to my face. A friend of mine had a rash covering her body. I didn’t even have stretch marks. Seriously, I was downright sickening.

And now I know that I have a kindred spirit in Shakira. Look at how beautiful and happy she is! She’s not dealing with hemorrhoids, my friends. She’s the girl in your prenatal yoga class who just babbles on about how much more beautiful life is now. And I love that girl. That girl makes me smile. Shakira and I are those girls, and if we ever get pregnant at the same time, I think we should probably meet for lunch and bask in the glory of pregnancy together.

(Photo: Instagram)

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