Just Kidding! Shakira’s Boyfriend Pranks The Press With Fake Twitter Announcement Of Their Baby’s Birth

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shakiraThat Gerard Piqué! He’s such a jokester, guys! Shakira‘s boyfriend decided to pull a little prank on his friends, and the international press, by claiming that the couple’s baby boy was born today. He sent out a tweet announcing in Spanish, “Our son has been born! We’re very happy! Thank you all for your messages!” Except that his friends and family probably realized that December 28th is Dia de Los Santos Inocentes, the Spanish equivalent of April Fool’s Day.

My guess is that the soccer star didn’t realize that he’d be creating headlines in multiple countries with a pretty obvious practical joke. After all, I’ve had plenty of friends post a picture of a negative pregnancy test on their Facebook page every April 1st with a quick, “Made ya look” caption.

To follow-up the tweet, possibly after realizing that some gossip sites were running with the story of his son’s birth, Piqué tweeted, “He has a name! His name is Innocence! Happy Day of the Innocents to everyone!”

After that, I would assume that he and his gorgeous girlfriend snuggled up and adored one another’s beauty for a couple hours with she sings sweet lullabies to her tummy. Admit it, these two seem perfect. This is what I imagine perfect people do all the time. They snuggle.

Gerard isn’t the only one who makes headlines tweeting about their upcoming little one though. Shakira recently became that lady, the pregnant lady everyone rolls their eyes at, when she tweeted, “I could have another 9 months like this!” with an adorable glowing photograph of her, her boyfriend, and her big ol’ bump.

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