The 5 Biggest Justifications For The Sexualization Of Girls

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sexualization of girls

When we learned that a Toddlers & Tiaras mother was suing a few media outlets for sexualizing her daughter, many of us on staff had to squint to make sure that we were reading our screens correctly. While it may seem ridiculous for a woman with a daughter on a reality show essentially based on the sexualization of girls to make such a claim, I have to say that her point was rather sound. Given that her child wasn’t doing what TMZ and other websites asserted, those outlets did actually attempt to sexualize Isabella Barrett, running away with a scandalous headline rather then just reporting on an incident that was probably not conducive to a little girl.

Still this scenario presents somewhat of a gray area in that what is sexualizing to one person may not be to another — namely certain parents. The truth is that there are a wealth of justifications within pop culture and even in some parenting circles for looking at little girls this way.  And these same defenses have become all the more apparent with parents on reality TV, momagers on the daytime talk shows, and the defense of many people in the entertainment industry who profit off of presenting girls sexually. So while we’re on the subject, here are the top five justifications I hear all the time.