Sexual Identity Quiz for 6th Graders Has Ruffled Some Parent’s Feathers

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A sexual identity quiz given as part of a 6th grade health class has some parents seeing red. The controversial assignment was given to 6th grade students at Lithonia Middle School in Dekalb County, Georgia. Students took the quiz as part of the curriculum for a health class. It asks students about sexual preferences and identities. However, the quiz is inappropriate, says mom Octavia Parks.

The sexual identity quiz asks students to identify people based on their sexual preferences.

sexual identity quiz

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Asking a 12-year old to identify a woman who is attracted to women seems … fine?

Parks says, “We’re talking about a sixth grader who still watches Nickelodeon. I’m not ready to explain what these words are nor what they mean.” She questions why this is being taught in school in the first place.

“What does that have to do with life?” Parks said. We think maybe A LOT.

First, these are middle school students. At 12-years old, it’s entirely likely that they know at least one person or peer who identifies as gay or lesbian. Furthermore, this assignment wasn’t given as part of a general curriculum. Rather, it was covered in a middle school health class. That seems like an appropriate place to learn about sexuality.

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Parks says she will be removing her daughter from the health class. She plans on taking this up with the school board when it reopens after fall break.

A spokesperson for the school district addressed the issue in a written statement, saying “DCSD has been made aware of this alleged event, and is working to verify its authenticity. We will investigate this event and take action, as appropriate, once that investigation is completed.”

We understand that these topics might be hard for parents to broach with their kids. But it does no one any good to pretend they don’t exist, or try to put it off for as long as possible. 12-year olds nowadays are generally pretty mature, and it’s in their best interests that they have access to comprehensive sex education. Asking a middle-schooler to define “lesbian” seems to be the least offensive way to make that happen.

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