The Very Sobering Infographic On College Sexual Assault That Every Parent Must See

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sexual assault

Parents who are moving their kids to college this fall surely have enough worries mounting as the summer wanes. But along with taming your inner helicopter parent as you perhaps pack boxes and make multiple trips to Bed Bath & Beyond, mommies and daddies also need to get real about true safety concerns, such as the prevalence of sexual assault on campuses.

React Mobile, a GPS-enabled safety app, has compiled an infographic detailing the statistics on dating violence and campus drinking. The very sobering numbers, such as one in four women being sexually assaulted during her college stint and nine out of 10 rape survivors knowing their attacker personally, are realities that every parent with a collegiate-bound kid should be aware of. However, mothers and fathers shouldn’t entirely despair as the infographic also contains quick tidbits on how those incoming freshman can protect themselves or react in an emergency. Small pieces of advice such as running in the opposite direction of an approaching car or asking a trustworthy neighbor to watch you walk from your own vehicle to your dorm could make all the difference for some 97,000 college students this new academic year.

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