These Parents Did The Unbelievable: They Made the Gender-Reveal Stunt Cool Again

baseball-gender-reveal-photoI’ve eaten pink cakes. I’ve released blue balloons. I’ve seen showers of purple. I thought I had hardened my heart to the charms of the gender reveal and its associated festivities. I mean, I love cake as much as the next person, but I don’t know why cake has to be all tied up with a baby’s genitals. Can’t we just have cake and find out the baby’s sex later? But now one couple has melted the stony core of my heart with a gender reveal photo shoot that is both adorable and exciting.

According to Yahoo Parenting, Monique Tello and Steven Statter are baseball fans, and Tello had the idea to use an exploding baseball for their sex reveal stunt. After Tello’s ultrasound, the results were sent to her sister, who prepared a phony baseball. She bought a clear plastic, two-part Christmas tree ornament from a craft store, then filled it with powdered chalk and did not tell anyone whether the chalk was pink or blue. Then she spray-painted the ball white and painted it to look like a baseball.

Then they all went to a baseball diamond with photographer David Swayze to photograph the big moment when Statter hit the pitch, which would explode the “baseball” and reveal the baby’s sex.

This could easily have been a big let-down. If Statter missed the ball, it would have broken at his feet. They still would have found out the baby’s sex, but it would have been pretty anticlimactic and the only photos they would have gotten were of the parents standing awkwardly in a pile of colorful chalk.

Luckily he hit the ball, and the resulting photo is so spectacular that it has the power to thrill and excite even the most jaded of Intenret watchers (by which I mean me.)


(Photo: David Swayze Photo)

Yay! It’s a girl!

It’s also a positively epic photo. That swing! That explosion! It just makes the whole thing so exciting.

This photo will hang on their wall forever, and it just goes to prove that explosions are cooler than cake. I hope they had cake too, though, because cake is always welcome.

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