7 Lies Your Daughter May Be Told About Her Reproductive Health

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sex education

We may live in the age of information, but getting fact-based information to kids about their sexual health has proved to be pretty difficult. For every school yard myth there is about pregnancy being evaded by jumping up and down or for being a virgin the first time around, there is usually some miscommunication about sex risks happening somewhere close by. Sometimes parents are the ones making these slip ups, but other times this misinformation is coming straight from the classroom or a doctor’s office.

New conversations surrounding the effects of the HPV vaccine and the impacts of abortion continue to resurface in hotly debated controversies surrounding birth control availability. And yet, all the while, your daughter is watching — getting misinformed from not only her teachers but her peers, as well as whatever anti-woman legislation that wants to see that she never get to decide sex on her own, factually-informed, terms.

(Tomorrow, we’ll tackle reproductive health myths for the boys).


(photo: Jacob Kearns/ Shutterstock)