These Videos Can Help Parents Tackle Sex Education With Their Preschoolers

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I’ve written about the importance of good, comprehensive sex education plenty of times here. The sex ed programs in this country are, generally speaking, stupendously bad! And it’s not a problem limited to this country, either. The truth is, if you want to raise well-educated kids and be a sex-positive parent, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. The great thing about supplementing your child’s sex education is that you can start when they’re very young. Even toddlers need to know the correct terms for genitalia and understand consent. is putting the power in the hands of parents with their amazing videos aimed at teaching kids all about sex, their bodies, consent, and more. I love their videos for older kids, but now they’ve created content geared at helping parents teach sex education for preschoolers. These videos are really amazing! has an entire collection of videos that touch on sex education for preschoolers. Their AMAZE Parent Playlist is a fantastic resource.

The parent playlist has ten different videos, covering topics like where babies come from and helping kids and parents understand gender issues. Basically, any question your preschooler could possibly ask about sex, they’ve got a video to address it! According to AMAZE, the videos are “specifically designed to help parents engage young children (age 4-9) in open, honest conversations about bodies and growing up in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate way.”

Obviously as parents we should be talking to our kids about this kind of stuff on a regular basis. But it can be hard to address these tough topics in a way that a 5-year-old will understand! The folks over at AMAZE understand that, so they break it down to an age-appropriate level. The videos are designed to help parents tackle these topics without it being awkward or uninformative.

There are ten videos in the series, each about 3-4 minutes long.

It’s definitely worth your time to watch all of the videos, and keep them bookmarked to reference when situations pop up. The best thing we can be is prepared! Yes, it can be awkward. And yes, there will be SO MANY QUESTIONS. But by answering their questions openly and honestly from an early age, we’re only setting them up to be smarter, safer, and better prepared as they enter those tumultuous tween and teen years. Think of it as laying a foundation for raising safe and kind humans. It starts young!

(Image: YouTube / AMAZE Org)