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13 Memes That Accurately Describe the First Time You Have Sex After Having a Baby

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11. Is it worth it?

Image via QuickMemes

Image via QuickMemes

When you’re thinking that first time might actually burn off some of the baby weight.

12. Not going to be the same right away

Giphy / BrooklynMutt

Image: Giphy / BrooklynMutt

Regardless, you’re just not going to be ready for a marathon that first time. Time to call it quits, lover.

13. Painful? Terrifying? Yep

Image via Quickmeme

Image via Quickmeme

Some might be so glad they finally got to have sex again (because 6+ weeks can be quite a long time to wait for many couples). But if you’re still sore down there, or if your c-section scar is still tender, it can be painful if not a bit scary. Just remember, don’t do it until you’re sure you’re ready, and go really slow. There’s no rush. Oh, and make sure to time it so your kiddo has just fallen asleep so you’ve got at least a few uninterrupted minutes—wink, wink.

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