Majority Of Mommyish Readers Are Having How Much Sex?

The question of how much sex between partners is “normal” clearly varies per couple. Sex after baby might change for a variety of reasons, but once those c-sections and other tears have healed other differences remain — and they’re not all hormonal. Different sex drives, different schedules, the presence of a couple of new additions can all account for how often couples are hitting the bed together. But after polling our readers, we have a pretty good concept of what constitutes the average amount of sexy time in this corner of the web.

Readers really ran the gamut on this Valentine’s Day-esque question as evidenced by the results, but it looks like the majority of moms and dads are getting it on once or twice a week. Falling in second is the few times a month habit with nearly a quarter of readers. And then from there, we’re looking at you three to six times a week folks.

Parents with once a month sexual inklings ranked in at the fifth highest choice among Mommyish readers. And most fittingly, at either end of the spectrum, we have parents with the daily sexual appetite and those who are experiencing a couple of annual rolls in the hay.

But wherever you fall on the spectrum this Valentine’s Day, you’re clearly not alone.

(photo: Shutterstock)

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