12 Hilarious Sesame Street Memes That Are Sponsored By The Letter F For F-Yeah Awesome

I watch Sesame Street as much as the next mom. Actually, that is a complete lie. I watch Sesame Street all hours of the day as we have it stockpiled on our DVR. I even keep watching it after my kids have wandered outside to play on the porch because the parodies and the puns and the celebrity guest appearances are freakishly addicting.

I am a Sesame Street fan fo life. Since we are the parents who control the universe of our two-year-old, we hardly ever allow him to watch any other television, completely related to our unnatural Sesame Street bias. I would rather watch idiotic puppets dancing about than some stupid cartoon featuring Martin Short’s grating voice (Cat in the Hat, I’m looking at you).

So, basically, I pretend like my two-year-old is obsessed with Sesame Street and Elmo, when it is really all my doing. Granted, he does like Elmo. There was a brief period of time when he was calling my husband and me “Elmomamadada.” The Holy Trinity, the people he loves most, the only beings that matter in the world.

All I gotta say is, Fuck yeah, Sesame Street. Apparently, I’m not the only person who feels this way. There are plenty of funny adult-friendly Sesame Street memes that will get you in the puppety spirit:

1. Et Tu, Big Bird, Et Tu.

sesame12. #SorryNotSorry For Party Rocking.

sesame23. Best Friends For Life, WINK!

sesame34. Do You Know How To Spell “Moderation?”

sesame45. Brokeback Monster.


6. Shit Just Got Real On Sesame Street.

sesame77. Mind BLOWN.

sesame68. The Dark Side Of The Street.

sesame119. My Thoughts Exactly Whenever I See This Skit.

sesame810. What I Would Give To See This Live.


11. I’m Hungry””YOLO.

sesame1112. All Of My Life’s Problems Summed Up In One Image.


BONUS: Bert And Ernie Gangsta Rap, Bitches!

[youtube_iframe id=”21OH0wlkfbc”]

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