P Is For Prison: Sesame Street Helps Kids Cope When A Parent Is Incarcerated

Sesame Street Helps Kids With Parents In PrisonI think we can all agree that Sesame Street is the best. Can you name me anything better than Sesame Street? I thought not! And now what we have decided is the best thing ever has a new tool kit for helping kids who have a parent who is in prison, which I think is badly needed considering more than two million men and women are in prison. From the Little Children, Big Challenges website:

The incarceration of a loved one can be very overwhelming for both children and caregivers. It can bring about big changes and transitions. In simple everyday ways, you can comfort your child and guide her through these tough moments. With your love and support she can get through anything that comes her way. Here are some tools to help you with the changes your child is going through.


I can’t even imagine how scary and sad it must be for little kids when someone they love is in prison, and I’m so glad Sesame Street has addressed this issue and wants to help little kids deal with their feelings about it. The website has helpful tips for parents and a storybook and activities for kids. I’ve never actually been to a prison but I have watched Lockup and OZ on TV ok?, so I know that prisons are big scary places with giant fences and barbed wire and it must be terribly intimidating for a kid to go visit a parent in one. You can watch the incarceration video here.

No one thinks going to jail is a great thing and yeah, it would be lovely if we all lived in a world where no crimes were committed and all that good stuff, but because I don’t see that happening any time soon I think it’s important that little kids are given ways to cope with their feelings, because they shouldn’t be punished for a crime the adult they love has committed. Once again, I love you Sesame Street!

(Image: Sesame Street)

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