The Top Worst Tweets In Response To Serena Williams’s Steubenville Victim Blaming

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Serena Williams has since issued a PR backtrack for essentially blaming the 16-year-old Jane Doe who was sexually assaulted in the now infamous Steubenville case. By entertaining the old “she shouldn’t have been there” line of thought, Serena effectively engaged in the biggest rape apologist script ever. But upon putting your ear to the Twittersphere, some responses to Williams’s gross sentiments echoed some equally problematic rhetoric and lady-hatey sentiments.

While the following Twitter users seemed to express disdain for Serena blaming gang rape on anyone but the rapists, they were also quick to resort to misogynistic, abusive and racist language. It’s quite worrisome that in the context of chiding a woman on victim blaming, the go to response is, you’re just pissy that you’re not pretty enough to get raped:

serena williams tweet

Or how about some straight up Chris Brown style lady beating to go with that disapproval?serena williams tweet Or slut shaming language:serena williams tweet

Among other sexually charged derogatories for a woman you happen to disagree with:serena williams tweetserena williams tweet And don’t forget racism:serena williams tweet(photo: Twitter)