This Awesome Sex Toy Can Get You Pregnant, and It’s Helping Couples Conceive More Comfortably

lesbian-coupleArtificial insemination is a great and useful thing that has helped thousands of couples conceive. Many people are very grateful for the process but still would say that one drawback is that it can be a bit, well, clinical. One clever entrepreneur saw that problem and created a solution, and now the world has the Semenette: An ejaculating dildo that can actually get a person pregnant.

According to YourTango, the Semenette was invented by Stephanie Berman after she and her wife tried to conceive a few times and found the experience to be singularly unromantic.

“When it came time for my wife and I to start the process, I quickly realized how few ideal options there were for us to conceive at home,” Berman said. “We didn’t have the financial means, or the desire, to have a doctor inseminate my wife ”” but the only things available to us were either a turkey baster or needle-less syringe. And yes, people really do use turkey basters!”

Rather than use a turkey baster or a syringe, Berman decided to make a sex toy that could dispense semen, which is actually useful for lots of people. Lesbian couples, trans people, men with erectile problems or disabilities, couples where one member has HIV and the other does not, and people who just want something like this for their own purposes. It’s reportedly been wildly popular and has been flying off the shelves and winning awards.

“After making a few attempts at home, we were both really unfulfilled by the experience,” Berman explained of her and her wife’s initial attempts at conception. “It was so impersonal, not romantic and just outright awful! I wanted more for us, and that’s when the idea for The Semenette began. I did a lot of research and finally had a working prototype my wife and I were able to use and try out. What a difference a dildo makes!”

The Semenette worked for Berman and her wife, who used it to conceive their daughter. It’s a genius idea, and Berman deserves a round of applause for identifying a need in the market and inventing a product to fill it.

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