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TGI Friday Open Thread: What Do You Love About You? Plus! Homework Assignment!

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HN8169-001Are you guys enjoying Resolution Week here on Mommyish? If you haven’t noticed, all of our resolutions have to deal with not dealing with things, learning to love yourself how you are, realizing we are all perfectly imperfect, and hopefully getting those we love most to make our lives a little easier. Which brings me to this week’s Open Thread question, what do you love about you? I can pretty much list something I love about each and every one of you, but I want to hear what you guys love about yourselves! I don’t wanna hear about your crooked nose, or your chubby thighs, or your over plucked right eyebrow, I wanna hear all the things you LOVE about yourself!

Tell, tell, tell!

And last night I got a lovely email from Mommyish reader Jessieface that made me feel super great, and she has a homework assignment for us! She wants us to watch the HBO documentary “Trophy Kids” which I plan on doing this weekend and reporting about on Monday. According to Jessieface:

 It is a look at three uber competitive and one semi whackadoo parents around the country living vicariously through their child’s athletic prowess.  It is heart breaking, and like I said I had to turn it off, it was so upsetting.  At one point a parent admits to withholding love until he feels his daughter is at where “they need to be” on the golf scene.  It’s INSANE, and these people should be MORTIFIED.  I am heartbroken for these children, one of the named Justus in particular.

Count me in! I LOVE documentaries so I will watch it this weekend and on Monday we can discuss, if any of you feel like joining me. Thanks to Jessieface for the tip.

So you guys, who will watch with me? Are you recovered from the holiday yet? What are you doing this weekend?

Also, I have noted all of your E-mail and comments about issues with site technicals thingies like pop-up ads and all of that, especially for those using mobile devices, and I will bring them to the tech support team on Monday. I’m sorry for any issues and we will see what we can do.

SO!!! eating? Drinking? Going to see a movie? Staying in and hiding from the snow? And what do you love about you? Because I love how you guys all make me feel like I have a pile of BFFs who I have never met! We should probably do a Mommyish meet up one day!

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