90% Of Mommyish Readers Have No Problem Calling A Reduction An ‘Abortion’

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selective reductionWell, ladies, glad that we cleared that up. A doctor may use the term “reduction” when offering mothers the option to terminate one or more fetuses following IVF. But a vast majority of Mommyish readers think that he or she should just come right out and use the “A” word.

While I’m most fasinated by that “I’m unsure” section of our readership, a couple of commenters came down pretty hard on this verbal distinction.

Katia, a reader, wrote:

“Of course it is an abortion. The word abortion does have negative connotations… And it’s even worse when you make the decision to create the pregnancy in the first place then take life away from one of the live fetuses.”

She later added:

“I don’t think any and all abortion should be legal because of personal choice. In fact this is one type of abortion that I would really like to see a law against. I’m just curious where we will draw the line.”

Marissa, a mother of twins girls without the aide of IVF, nearly lost one in utero. Yet, when it comes to intentional termination she thinks that these are decisions for women to contend with on their own:

“During my pregnancy I almost lost one of my angels due to TTTS since they shared a placenta, it was terrifying and thank God I didn’t lose either of them…. so personally I can not even imagine having aborted one just because the goal was to only have one, however, I believe people have their own freedom of choice, it’s their life, their body and their decision.”

For that 7.1% out there who doesn’t find a selective reduction to be an “abortion,” I’d be eager to here from you on this. You already know what I think.

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