10 Ways Your Second Pregnancy Is Different From Your First

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First pregnancies are incredibly different from second pregnancies according to most women I know. There are so many factors at play with the second pregnancy — you have another child to care for, you already know what to expect and you might be a little less excited about all the changes your body is going through. I know it was that way for me. The second time around, I was a little jaded but also, experienced. It made my reactions for all those pregnancy milestones just a bit different:

1. The reaction to a positive pregnancy test is not the same.



Whether it’s a little less excitement and maybe waiting a few hours to tell your partner or a little more excitement because you know what’s to come, it probably won’t be the same as it was the first time. For me, it was mostly remembering just how long nine months without wine would be. All The Ugh.

2. Maternity clothes come out at the last possible moment. Or, immediately.

tight pants


Either you wait as long as humanly possible to wear your old maternity clothes, or your belly pops immediately and you can’t wait to reunite with your fave maternity jeans. For me, it was the latter.

3. You don’t assume every gas bubble is the baby kicking.

gas bubble


With my first baby, every time I ate chili, I assumed the aftermath was my child kicking. With the second one, I knew better and didn’t tell the whole world that the gas bubbles I had at 13 weeks were baby movement.

4. You already know those cutesy maternity shirts won’t work with Pregnancy Boobs.



You know those maternity shirts with the pre-determined boob slots? Kind of like work-out tank tops with built-in bras? Yeah, most pregnant boobs don’t work in those sweet little tops. You know this now.

5. You milk offers for help for all they’re worth.

love you


With the first, you may have tried to carry things on your own or open doors for yourself. Now? With another kid to deal with, you take ALL the help that is offered. No apologies. Know better, do better.

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