This Second Grade Class Created an Adorable Survey That Went Viral

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 (Facebook / North Vermillion Elementary School)

A second grade class in Indiana is getting a lesson in more than just graphs when a survey they created went massively viral. Mrs. Porter’s second grade class at North Vermillion Elementary School originally intended for the survey to be completed by family and friends of the students, but the survey took off after a link to it was posted on the school’s Facebook page.

Mrs. Porter told BuzzFeed that every student contributed one question. These include gems like, “What is your favorite store, Toys-R-Us or Wal-Mart?” “Which state do you like more, Indiana or Illinois?” and “Do you like Pokémon, yes or no?” These are the greatest questions ever. So pure! For the record, my answers are Toys-R-Us, Illinois, and yes.

Porter said that her class is absolutely thrilled with the response their survey is getting. Responses have come in from all over the world, including South Africa, Tasmania, and Finland. That’s definitely a shock since, as Mrs. Porter explained, “We were just thinking local — people that we know, people that our parents know.”

Mrs Porter has left the survey up on the classroom’s Smart Board this week so the kids can watch how many people take the survey in real time.

“You can just watch that number tick, tick, tick, just counting up, and they’ll squeal every time we hit a big milestone,” she said to BuzzFeed. “They’ve been joking that we broke the internet. Every time I go to refresh and it won’t work, they’re like, ‘Ah, we broke the internet again!’”

As for the graphs that were originally going to be made with all of the collected data, Porter says, “We are planning to graph all of this, but now I don’t know how!” There’s probably an app for that.