Ready for a Second Child? These 7 Questions Might Help You Decide

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2. How secure is our relationship?

New babies can introduce friction into even the most devoted relationships—and that friction can just be multiplied with every subsequent child if you don’t take the time to focus on re-establishing your connection with each other. There’s nothing wrong with pausing for a year or two (or even longer) to lay a new foundation for your life together.

3. Do we have space for a second child?

Resist the temptation to romanticize. Do you have room for another crib? Will you need to transition your older child into a “big kid” bed? Experts recommend starting that process at least one to two months before the sibling is due. Think about the timing and logistics to avoid growing pains down the road.

4. What kind of extra childcare will we need?

If your first child is already school-age, you may not have had to think about childcare for a few years. But if you both work or if you need any kind of extra assistance, that’s just one more complication and one more bill to add to the pile.

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