Sean Spicer Makes an Emmys Appearance and Nope, Not Here for It

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Ah, the Emmys. Stars, fashion, television: three of our favorite things! Last night’s broadcast was moving along nicely, people looked fierce, everyone was laughing, good shows and people were winning. It seemed like a good night! Until they rolled out a segment that was the equivalent of a turd in the public pool. For some inane reason, Sean Spicer was invited to make an appearance, and it went over like a bowl of lead.

The former White House press secretary rolled out on stage at the podium made famous by Melissa McCarthy and SNL.

Sean Spicer, who made a (very brief) living out of lying to the American people, is in on the joke now! It’s ok guys, we can laugh at his idiocy and complete disregard for truth, he’s one of us!

The reactions were…not good, to say the least. The Emmys really screwed the pooch on this one.

HAHAHAHA, isn’t it funny?

There really aren’t enough eyeroll gifs in the world for this shit.

Hey, remember that time Spicey lied about the size of the inauguration crowd, despite all evidence to the contrary? Good times, good times.

So, everyone’s just going to pretend like this is normal? Oh, ok then.

Funny how that works!

The reactions from people in the audience were equally perplexing. The camera guys trying to pan to get everyone’s faces must’ve been sweating like crazy.

Sean Spicer, call Melissa, she can give you some pointers on being a better you.

And just like that, a timeless GIF is born.

We’re not entirely sure what the producers of the show were thinking by inviting Spicey. If it was reaction and chatter they were going for, then congrats, we guess? We would’ve much preferred to see Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer than the actual man himself. And that would’ve been funnier! Spicey’s time in the White House was short, and yes, he gave us some gems that will live in infamy forever. But in reality, this administration is doing major damage to a lot of people in this country. And Sean Spicer lied to the entire country, repeatedly, without remorse. We don’t need to normalize that.

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(Image: Facebook/USA Today)