10 Toddler Activities That Don’t Involve Screen Time

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screen-free activities for toddlers

Image: iStock / evgenyatamanenko

Listen, I am a fan of iPads and TVs. BIG FAN. For myself, and yes, for my kids. As a work-from-home mom, sometimes I need them out of my hair and relatively quiet so I can, you know, make money and feed them. We definitely try to limit screen time here, although some days are more successful than others. My oldest is 8, and great at self-regulating. My youngest is 4 1/2, and still needs some boundaries. So when I feel like she’s getting screened-out, I like to reach into my bag of mom tricks and redirect her with an activity. I’m always looking for new screen-free toddler activities, and the ones on this list do not disappoint!

Screen-free toddler activities WILL require a bit more of your time to set up and/or make, I won’t lie. But once the prep work is done, they can play independently.

How fun would an indoor scavenger hunt be?

This one is super simple. Hide 10 or so items around the living room or wherever you’re sitting, then put together a list of toddler-appropriate clues. You can hide things that are a certain color, or toys they love. From the comfort of your couch, you can give your toddler the clues, and then cheer when they find each item.

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