Best PR Twist Ever: Scout Willis’ Drug-Fueled Tweets Were For ‘School Project’

demi mooreGet this: Scout Willis the 20-year-0ld daughter of Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis has been tweeting some pretty graphic posts about sex, drugs and partying under the handle @bugepunk. Here’s a little sampling of what she had to say:

“Why worry about school? Just take an adderall, make lists, smoke too many cigarettes and voila, panic attacks and straight A’s here I come.”

“I hate capitalism like I hate my parents, but they both serve me so well.”

“Last night Terry Richardson tried to [bleep] me, I didn’t let him, obviously. But I did let him photograph me topless in the bathroom.” (There was an actual photo of Scout and Richardson included here.)

“I had thoughts of suicide, lol.”

The Twitter page has since been taken down but a rep speaking on behalf of Scout confirmed that Scout is indeed behind it. Apparently, she and two fellow students at Brown University created the account as part of a school project on social media.

Why I am tempted to call bullshit on this whole thing?

Here’s what the rep said:

“In connection with a class assignment, in which students were asked to create a ‘culture jam’ or ‘hoax,’ three students created a satirical and fabricated Twitter account in which everything tweeted was fictional.

“This was done to illustrate how social media is utilized and that in today’s social media culture, you can create a significant twitter following based entirely on fabricated lies, and that the more outrageous and controversial the fabricated statement, the more followers you will get.

“Current media interest in the fabricated Twitter school assignment appears to prove that point.”

Clearly I’m cynical, but I’m not buying it. What can I say? The only props I’m giving here are to this nameless rep and the entire Willis-Moore PR Machine, for that matter. A+ for creativity.

(Photo: Michael Carpenter / WENN)

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