Scottish Government to Distribute Free Vitamins to All Pregnant Women


The pregnant folks in Scotland have a small victory to celebrate as they will now be receiving free supplements starting this month. Government officials are focused on helping expectant mothers to stay healthy in order to give their babies a better start. No doubt that free vitamins will certainly help in this matter.

Among the supplements being handed out to all pregnant persons seeking them are folic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin C. These supplements aid in reducing spina bifida cases and helping the fetus’ bones to develop, among other things. They will be available from community pharmacies and dispensing practices, though some midwives will also have access. The supplements will all be in the form of a combined tablet, which certainly makes them fairly convenient to take.

This is definitely fantastic news for low-income moms in need of supplements to keep their pregnancies and themselves healthy. Before this announcement, the vitamins were only available to those families who were receiving means-tested benefits. This means that even folks who are not low-income, or those who have simply been unable to register for benefits will still be able to obtain the pills.

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to be jealous of the care other countries give to the pregnant folks including better access to affordable maternity care, leave after the baby is born.¬†Overall, this is excellent on part of the government of Scotland and maybe one day we can have something similar offered here.

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