School Suspends 160 Students For Dress Code Violations, Students Rightly Call Bullsh*t

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.02.39 AMLast week, a Texas high school suspended more than 160 students for dress code violations. The school claims to enforce the code all year, but decided to come down hard that day, checking each student’s clothing and personal appearance. Nothing like a little end-of-the-year crackdown to remind our kids that they are sheep who need to obey rules or else – even if they aren’t routinely enforced and make no sense.

Students at Duncanville High School were pulled out of class for things like chin hair stubble, jacket logos and missing belts. One kid was sent home for the logos on his shirt – a school spirit shirt from that very high school. Those who couldn’t immediately comply with the code violations were sent home and suspended – three weeks before finals.

A bunch of students began jumping up and down, being loud and generally obnoxious – some even throwing stuff. The school called police in. While I don’t agree with students getting loud and out-of-hand like they did – what was the purpose of the “crack down?” Maybe the school should have tried warning the students about dress code enforcement – rather than all of a sudden deciding it was so important that the kids who were in violation of it needed to leave school grounds immediately. A mother of one of the students who was sent home does not agree with the school’s actions:

”This is what my student got suspended for”¦ He just didn’t shave for one day”¦ That’s ridiculous”¦ All year, and you’re going to wait three weeks until they get out of school to suspend hundreds of students ”” makes no sense.”

She’s right – it makes no sense. A school that doesn’t enforce its own rules shares responsibility for them being broken. That’s one real-world lesson they aren’t teaching these kids. For example, as a business owner, try firing someone for being late – months after you’ve done nothing about a pattern of tardiness. If they sue you for unemployment – guess what? You lose.

If the school had set a precedent that said, “these rules are important” – they wouldn’t have had to result to such rash actions. That the students questioned their actions makes total sense to me.

(photo: YouTube)

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