UPDATED: Multiple Students Injured During School Stabbing Incident In PA

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school stabbing Pennsylvania This horrible incident is still developing so we don’t have much information, but there has been a stabbing incident at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The name of the suspect hasn’t been released, and parents are coming to pick up their kids with students being released three at a time to be allowed to leave. Reports have speculated that at least 20 students have been injured, with four patients flown to a hospital. The reports say that none of the injuries are life-threatening, and the stabbing happened in numerous classrooms before the classes had started for the day. We will update this post as the day goes on, but please join me in holding these students in your thoughts. I cannot imagine how scared and worried they all must be.

UPDATED AM: reports have been confirmed that :

Seven teenagers and one adult were admitted at the Forbes Regional Hospital, the hospital’s director of trauma, Chris Kauffman, told reporters.”These are significant injuries,” Kauffman said, noting that two patients were undergoing surgery and a third was headed to the operating room. There is still no total count as to how many teens versus adults have been injured, but students have been moved to a nearby elementary school to be reunited with their families and parents. More will be updated as soon as we have additional information.

Update 11:50 AM: 

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A sophomore has posted a hospital selfie. The suspect was reported two be a 16-year-old with two knives.

Update 12:30 PM: 

According to a report by USA Today, the male suspect who is now in custody was described as being really shy. They also have eyewitness reports from some of the kids in the school: “The freshman stood up, lifted up his shirt and he was gushing blood,” Meixner said. “I also saw a senior girl … and she was gushing blood down her arm.”

Meixner, who described the suspect as “really shy,” said he “always kept to himself.”

“He didn’t talk to many people,” she said. “He wasn’t mean or anything, he just wasn’t outgoing.”

Update 2:28 PM: 

The USA Today article is stating that the knives were actual kitchen knives from eyewitness reports.

“We saw two kids down the hall and it looked like they were play-fighting,” she said. “I realized that one had a knife so we sprinted out of the school. One of my peers had blood everywhere and he asked me for help. I just froze and ran out of the school. After that there was chaos.”

All of the victims were students ages 14-17, and the suspect name has still not been released yet.

Update 5:00 PM:  The suspect has been identified. 16-year-old sophomore Alex Hribal has been treated for superficial injuries and taken into custody.

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