High School Makes Girls Bring In Pictures Of Prom Gowns For ‘Pre-Approval’

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106411575There have been so many stories of students rallying against sexist dress codes that have made the news this year, you’d think schools would begin to be a little more sensitive about the issue. Nope. One Catholic school is seeing the dress-shaming, and raising with a nice dose of Big Brother. Not only are girls being subjected to a dress code that has three times the amount of directives than the boys’ — they are also being required to submit a photo of their gowns for pre-approval.

Delone Catholic School in Adams County, Pennsylvania outlined their dress code for their prom, set to take place May1. From NBC Philadelphia:

Under the dress code, women’s gowns may not be “extremely short, have an extremely low cut front or back, have any excessively high cut slits, have overly revealing midriffs, or be inappropriately revealing- giving  the illusion of nudity.”

In addition to the dress code, the school is also requiring female students to bring a picture of their gown for pre-approval.

As usual, students and parents are upset and the media is taking notice. When will these schools learn? In addition to requiring girls to submit photos of their dresses, they also made sure to include that students can only wear “gender-specific” formal wear.

The school took to their website to respond to the media attention:

Delone Catholic High School administration has the responsibility to ensure that Catholic values and moral integrity permeate every facet of the school’s life and activity. On Sept. 8, 2014, the school released to all students and the community the formal and semi-formal dress code guidelines for the school year. The principles in these guidelines have remained steadfast for the past 23 years.  The only change this year is the requirement of young women to submit photos for review by prom moderators.

Translation: We gave these guidelines out at the beginning of the school year, people. We’ve been treating our female students in the same, sexist way since 1992. What’s the big whoop? Also, we’re Catholic. The end.

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