10 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For The School Year To Be Over

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school out School is out for the summer in my neck of the woods on Friday, and I cannot wait. Not because I’m excited about spending time with my kids this summer, but because there are ten things I will no longer have to do once school is out. Until next year. Sad face.

1: Making Stupid Lunches 

Making healthy lunches for kids is a total pain in the ass, especially when making them for multiple children who all want different things and you have to come up with new ideas and ugh, I hate hate hate making lunches. In the summer I can just hand my kids a hot dog and be done with it.

 2: Planning Outfits 

My kids are all old enough to pick out their own clothing but I still have to make sure they aren’t wearing something awful to school. Or like wedding attire on a Monday. Or something stained. Plus, even though they help with laundry I still have to deal with it and ugh, they can be naked in summer I do not care.

3: Checking Homework 

The worst.

4: Helping With School Projects 

The other worst.

5: Getting Them To The Bus On Time  

Our school bus comes at different times every morning, so we need a ten minute window for this. If we are ever two seconds late it’s over.

6: Dealing With Extracurriculars 

The school year means your kids will want to play sports and join clubs and groups which basically means more work for you.

7: Having Playdates 

In the summer, it’s easier to dodge all the stupid kids that your stupid kid wants to hang out with. You usually only have to deal with the kids who live in your ‘hood, unless your kid actually promises some kid to stay in touch over the summer.

 8: Stupid School Fundraisers 

I hate school fundraisers with the heat of a thousand suns and I’m so happy to take a few month break from shilling stupid candles or tacky wrapping paper for my kids.

9: Dealing With Jerk Kids 

I have had a rough year with my kids and dealing with some not very nice kids so it will be nice to take a break from dealing with a kid coming home in tears or getting all upset over something stupid someone said to them.

10:  Feeling Bad For Teachers 

I know it’s their job and all but I always feel bad for teachers. I know I could be a more involved parent and be more active in my child’s education, plus I hate the fact that on some days one of my kids may be making an educator’s job more difficult than it needs to be. I know my kids are well behaved, I don’t get complaints, but I also know they are just as annoying as any other kid can be. I’m happy my kid’s teachers get a break from my kids, at least for a few weeks over the summer.

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