These Photos Of School Meals From Around The World Will Inspire You To Step Up Your Lunch Game

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tumblr_nexkdpMAAo1sc7gnzo7_r1_1280We all know that kids can be hard to feed, and school lunches can be seriously hit or miss. Recently, salad company Sweetgreen decided to take a look at what schoolchildren are eating around the world, and some of the plates they photographed will make you more envious of an elementary school student than you ever thought possible.

Sweetgreen posted these photos of school lunches from around the world, and they look so good most of the adults I know have been drooling over them. Seriously, look at Italy. Italy gets local fish on arugula, a caprese salad, grapes, a bit of pasta, and a baguette.


That lunch looks so good, I am staring at my own lunch and hearing the Debbie Downer woh-wohhhh letdown noise. And my grown-up lunch of leftover spaghetti is way better than the chicken nuggets and ketchup photographed for the U.S. lunch.


France, of course, is a strong contender. That meal starts with a piece of brie cheese, fresh fruit, steak, green beans, and carrots:


Is the kid in France going to school at Downton Abbey? Look at those green beans! Those are some good-looking haricots verts. There are tiny herbs visible on the carrots, and 4/6 of this plate is fruits and vegetables. I bet the green beans are crisp on the inside, and the apples in France don’t brown.

Brazil might be my favorite, because the kid from Brazil gets pork and mixed vegetables, black beans and rice, plantains, and a really good-looking salad.


The Brazil meal looks like a lunch Gwyneth Paltrow would make. I bet this is what her daughter, Apple, eats every day.

I know I should be tearing my hair and bemoaning the chicken nuggets on the U.S. tray, and I’ll surely do that later tonight when the novelty of these gorgeous food porn photos wears off, but right now they’re all so pretty that I’m feeling more inspired than ticked off. These plates look like pretty kid-friendly options–depending on the kid, of course–and I want to eat them, too. Clearly I must get to work copying these elementary school kids’ lunches. You know, to send for school lunches.




Yeah, that’s it. I’ll just make these so I’ll have leftovers to send to school with the kid. If that means I have to eat an Italian elementary school student’s lunch for dinner three nights a week, I’ll just have to fall on that grenade. Motherhood is about sacrifices, y’all.

Photos: Sweetgreen