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18 Traits Of A School Bully, And How To Watch Your Kid For Them

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School Bully Traits

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It is very important for children to be open to many different cultures. In many schools, students learn foreign languages, including Spanish, French, and Chinese. They also learn historical lessons tailored to Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s History Month. Pay attention to the way that your child talks about new concepts and ideas. If they use language such as “silly” and “stupid” to describe different cultural practices, they might need a lesson on acceptance according to Strauss Esmay Associates. Teach your children that everyone is different and that their practices do not make them inferior to anyone else. School bullies often target other kids based on their religion, ethnicity, accent, race, and sexual orientation since they feel like these students are weird because they look or act differently from most of the other students.

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