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18 Traits Of A School Bully, And How To Watch Your Kid For Them

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Can talk their way out of situations

School Bully Traits

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It is great to know that your child is a natural negotiator. If your child is a negotiator, they could get very far in school and their career. But sometimes your child’s natural charisma could be a sign that they are experienced in getting themselves into hot water. If they underplay their actions when they get into trouble at home (think: “it was just…” or “I was only doing this because…” ), it could be a red flag according to Strauss Esmay Associates. Teach them that there is no reason to justify poor actions while encouraging them to use their natural charisma for other outlets. School bullies continue to bully their classmates because they do not get reprimanded by teachers or other school staff members. Therefore, they believe that they can truly get away with anything.

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