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18 Traits Of A School Bully, And How To Watch Your Kid For Them

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Excessive physical strength

School Bully Traits

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If your child takes part in sports, you probably take pride in the fact that your child could be captain of the soccer or basketball team. They also most likely have excellent leadership abilities. But if your child has excessive physical strength, it does not mean that they will grow up to be a brute. However, the stereotypes of strong jock and lanky geek are present for a reason. If your child is physically strong, it is easier for them to unintentionally hurt other children that if they have less strength according to Very Well Family. If a child has a superiority-complex due to their physical strength, they can become aggressive to weaker kids as a result. Remind your child that every kid has their strengths, whether it is physical, intellectual, or artistic.

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