School Bans Uggs – For The Dumbest Reason Ever

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Pouggs banned schoolttstown Middle School in Pennsylvania has banned students from wearing Uggs. And it has nothing to do with fashion (or lack thereof). No, this school is forbidding students from wearing Uggs – and any fuzzy open-top boots, for that matter – because they’re using them as a hiding spot for their cell phones. And cell phones are now allowed in class.

Such stupidity!

Honestly, this whole thing reminds me of airport security – at least in North America – where we’re forced to remove our shoes in case we happen to be stashing a bomb in there. It’s a totally reactive move and it drives me nuts.

If Pottstown Middle School officials used their brains, they’d recognize that students will simply find another place to hide their cellphones. There are bags and backpacks, pockets and pencil cases. I could go on and on. The point is that if kids want to sneak a cell phone into class, they will. That’s not to say that cell phones aren’t problematic. Clearly they are. And rules are rules. But there must be a better way of controlling the situation than to ban Uggs!

First-time offenders who dare to wear Uggs (vs. lace-up boots with a snugger fit) will get detention. Subsequent violations include two detentions, followed by confiscation of the phone, according to district director of community relations John Armato.

Am I alone in finding this rule absolutely ridiculous?