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10 Frightening Baby Shower Cakes That You Can’t Un-See

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Maria Guido broke the mold when she introduced us to Vagina Cakes. And with the help of the Internet, I have discovered that there are many, many more disturbing baby shower cakes that we haven’t seen yet. I personally was a pregnant woman with a sense of humor—I loved the semi-irreverent pregnant belly cake that was served at my baby shower. But sometimes, pictures of baby shower cakes can go a little too far.

I scoured the Internet far and wide to find the creepiest baby shower cakes ever made. Trust me when I say that I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, there were so many weird ass baby shower cakes that I began to question all of the “normal” showers I had been to over the years. Where were the marzipan vaginas? Where were the chocolate pubes? Where were the decapitated doll heads covered in faux blood, a.k.a. raspberry compote?

Feast your eyes on the most frightening baby shower cakes you ever will see:

1. Love, Dad.


Made by a father for his daughter’s baby shower. Thanks, Dad…

2. There’s More Than One Way Out.

I am disturbed and impressed at the same time.

3. Delectable Demon Baby.

A demon baby wearing a bacon diaper is the perfect way to welcome new life into the world.

4. Giant Ogre Baby.

This fat ogre baby is an infant I’d like to forget.

5. Oozing Alien Baby.

The Alien baby bursting through a pregnant belly looks… delicious.

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