10 Horrific Cakes That Will Scare The Pants Off Your Kids This Halloween

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154335_176935222330206_6138283_n__1382965026_74.134.205.46Warning: the following images are scary, gory and NSFC, and possibly not safe for any adults who are prone to nightmares. Hold me!

I don’t have a lot of baking time this Halloween so we have decided to order a cake to go with our dinner. Halloween is a BIG holiday at my house and we usually like to serve a lovely themed dinner for our family and guests. Looking at the Halloween cakes available in my area, we have decided to go with a simple haunted house ice cream cake sold by our local chain ice cream emporium. Which is all cute and happy and not as killer badass nightmarish as the following cakes. If my kids were older and not as bawk bawk chicken as kids tend to be, I would totally save up my pennies to purchase one of these confectionary monstrosities.

Dead Clown Cake 


I hate clowns, you hate clowns, we all hate clowns. This cake created by Curly Sue cakes totally celebrates this fact in vanilla cake and raspberry buttercream.

(Image: Curly Sue Cakes/facebook)

Death By Barbwire Cake 



Also by Curly Sue cakes, this chocolate cake shows you what happens when you have an accident with barbed wire.

 They’re All Gonna Laugh At You’ Carrie Cake 



This is so great. So much better than those Barbie cakes we have all seen at parties.

Carrie Cake Pops 


From Lou Lou P’s Delights, who also made cake pops based on The Shining, Eraserhead and The Walking Dead. Amazing.

Exorcist Cake By Cake Central 


I think I would be too scared to eat this one considering I can barely make it through the movie.

 Zombie Cake 


From Avalon Cakes on Facebook, I think the best part of this one is your kids would be too scared to eat it so more cake for you.

Bloody Zombie Cake  


This zombie cake is from, and is probably the only time you would ever see your guests fight over liver.

Human Head Cake


From the insanely talented Meghan at Domestic Sugar, who served this cake to her co-workers. I hope they were as impressed ad they were terrified.

 Thorax cake 


From Asiantown, this cake is amazing but i so could not eat it. I’d stick with candy corn, and I hate candy corn.

The Cannibal Cake 


Another one from Foododdity, this is pretty much the Cannibal Holocaust of Halloween cakes.

(Image: Curly Sue Cakes)