Scarlett Johansson’s Former ‘Momager’ Reportedly Broke After Cutting Professional Ties With Daughter

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Scarlett Johansson,Sad times for a momager who stopped managing the career of her superstar daughter. Melanie Sloan, mother to Scarlett Johansson, was reportedly making quite the tidy sum off her sexpot daughter right up until the star married Ryan Renolds. But since Scarlett opted for a professional manager, Melanie’s finances have been less than stellar.

Melanie was all set to buy a fancy apartment that boasts both a pool and doorman in Manhattan’s midtown in October, reports the New York Post. But after that $130,000 deposit was put down, Melanie sued the owner of the 1,228-square-foot apartment saying that she was too broke to obtain a mortgage.This was after the mother presented a “strong financial profile,” the Post says to owners, violinist Christina Castelli and pianist Grant Moffett. The mother reportedly asserted that 2011 had been one her most financially robust years in the entertainment industry.

Since no longer representing her daughter, Melanie has maintained her managerial career and has procured a few clients — but none as lucrative as her daughter.  Melanie has been managing Scarlett since she was nine years old, always taking 10% of her daughter’s earnings. But a look into an email exchange between Melanie and Scarlett’s agent reveals that she was curious about what funds were coming her way, including $25,000 from a campaign Scarlett did with the brand Moët.

Adam Leitman Bailey, a lawyer for the owners of the apartment, says that his clients are entitled to keep the deposit despite that Scarlett’s mother acted in “bad faith.” However he does have one inquiry, telling the Post:

“We don’t understand how she went from being rich to poor in two weeks.”

Perhaps these are the moments that make relinquishing your daughter as a career the most trying for momagers everywhere: watching your finances plummet as a result of stepping aside.

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