Labor Pains: The Top 5 Scariest Real Life Births

worst births

As we’ve learned from Labor Pains Week on Mommyish, giving birth anywhere can be a trying, emotional, elating, and sometimes disappointing experience. But because birth varies so much per lady — and baby for that matter — there’s a rather pronounced capacity for things to go wrong. Gravely wrong. Not giggly wrong like when Debra Messing gives birth at the end of The Women just as all the characters are sorting out the ends of their storylines. But legitimately not OK. Like the unique feeling of experiencing labor in a sky-high airplane amidst strangers or having a heart attack while laboring with twins. No first world problems here.

Not all these stories have happy endings and they wouldn’t all necessarily be categorized as “scary” if they did. But despite what terrifying circumstances grabbed hold of these ladies, their stories are real. And the parameters under which they delivered their babies is far scarier than any conventional labor pain.


(photo: Kati Molin/ Shutterstock)

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