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Saved By The Bell Gave Us All The Parenting Advice We’ll Ever Need

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On Saturday mornings in the early 1990’s, there was only one place many of us wanted to be. In front of the TV, absorbing the wonderfulness that was Saved by the Bell. No other show held such a place in my heart and played as big of a role in my formative years and I know I’m not alone. It shaped my expectations for high school as an impressionable child and also, my earliest ideas on friendships. Looking back, it also taught me plenty about how to parent my children. Some of the lessons were a bit murky when I was a kid but now, they are emerging. Crystal clear. Saved by the Bell taught me so much about parenting. Thank Belding, I’ve had this great resource to draw on all these years.

It’s totally OK to let your kids climb through other kids’ windows for a visit.

zack shrug


They are probably there to help their peer through some kind of valuable life lesson. Solvable in 22 minutes, of course.

Indulge your kids’ interest in technology. Only the latest and greatest!

zack phone


For Zack and company, it was a cell phone the size of a VCR. For our kids, it’s an iPhone 6. Either way, they need to keep up and we get that.

Let your kids enjoy freedom every summer by working at a yacht club with their friends.



That curmudgeonly boss who makes their life hell for weeks might also have a cute daughter they can take to the end-of-summer dance that will obviously be thrown at said yacht club. Do not deprive them of this formative experience.

Let your teens enjoy romantic vacations with their boyfriend or girlfriend.



They have to learn to be in an adult relationship somehow! Throw caution to the wind and totally let them go to Hawaii and Palm Springs free of supervision and full of hormones.

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