Where Are They Now: The Cast Of ‘Saved By The Bell’

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Ed Alonzo: Now

Ed Alonzo, Saved By The Bell

Image: Instagram / edalonzomagic

Nowadays, Alonzo keeps busy with magic shows. He has even worked with some pretty big name entertainers, including Britney Spears, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Katy Perry, just to name a few. He has also made appearances in the show Modern Family. In 2018, a pop-up eatery called “Saved By The Max” opened up, with Ed Alonzo making a few appearances at the nostalgic themed Saved By The Bell restaurant. Alonzo has received many awards for his magical talent. He has won four awards from the Academy of Magical Arts. He is known as “The Misfit of Magic.” Most recently, he appeared on the television series Masters of Illusion, which ran from 2017-2018.

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