Where Are They Now: The Cast Of ‘Saved By The Bell’

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Elizabeth Berkley: Now

Elizabeth Berkley, Saved By The Bell

Image: Facebook / Hollywood.MuVyz

After Saved By The Bell and its subsequent sequels were over, Berkley wanted to break into film. She ended up auditioning for and landing the role of Nomi Malone, in the now cult-favorite Showgirls. She went on to star in various other (much less controversial) films. In 1999, opposite Eddie Izzard on the London stage, she was cast as the character Honey in Lenny. She has also appeared in quite a few television roles. In 2004 she landed her big break on Broadway in Sly Fox. She is a passionate animal rights activist and has worked with PETA in the past. She is married to artist Greg Lauren. The two have one child together.

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