Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar’s 4th Of July Party Might Involve 320 Pampers

Any lady with a new baby on the way is generally prone to a little nursery prepping and crib primping. Stocking up on essentials, giving the baby room a once over, and even a little onesie folding are the practices we all know. But pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn’t messing around when she purchased 320 pampers for her toddler Charlotte Grace Prinze. Is it still considered nesting if the kid has been here for awhile?

The actress appears to have a preference — or a PR deal — for Pampers limited edition “USA” Cruisers, as evidenced by the couple of 160 boxes she pulled from the trunk of her car. Either the mother is preparing for a massive toddler 4th of July party or simply snaps up a good deal when she sees one. Inquiring minds will just have to keep guessing — and hoping that all those pampers are meant for only one baby bottom.

(photo: FayesVision/

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