Sarah Jessica Parker Displays Some Superior Manhattan Mothering Skills

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My three-year-old and one-year-old love to walk around the city streets with their toy strollers, but it’s not an easy task.  They would be fine in a sprawling park but on busy narrow sidewalks, NYC folk keep to strict rules:  no sudden stops, walk in a perfectly straight line, and keep the pace brisk.  Toddlers can’t follow any of those rules on a good day and with those tiny baby strollers, things get hectic quickly.   They love to dart off in different directions and make sudden turns into another lane.   The only benefit is they are suddenly inclined to walk fast (an impossible feat when you are trying to get to school), but running only turns those carriages into ankle biting weapons.

Yet photos of Sarah Jessica Parker with twins Tabitha and Marion out and about in the city yesterday show her expertly keeping the whole scene in check.  The adorable girls stay close together on the sidewalk.  There were no pictures of the twins ejecting their baby dolls from their seats, forcing her to have to bend over to pick them up every ten steps.  And the girls knew to hand over their strollers and hold on to mommy’s hand when crossing the street.   The photo gallery didn’t contain a single scene of chaos despite covering block after block on Madison Avenue.  For once I am actually asking “how does she do it all?”

For starters, it may have been the shoes.  Completely ditching her Carrie Bradshaw persona, SJP displayed a real mom moment sporting natural make-up, jeans rolled up (not tailored), and rugged practical walking boots.  Of course doting husband and Broadway star, Matthew Broderick was on hand to help out as the family of four headed to lunch at a local restaurant (older brother James was absent).  Together they made the whole event look like a normal family with well-behaved children, not celebrities in some parallel universe.

And I know first hand that isn’t easy to pull off with two toddlers in Manhattan.  I’ve had many a man or woman on the street turn around and glare at me as my anxious toddlers nearly knock off their shoes from behind with those baby strollers.   Unless the paparazzi missed those shots, I give a lot of credit to Ms. Parker for making it look effortless without movie magic.

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