Sarah Jessica Parker Chimes In On The Mommy Wars With Katie Couric

Sarah Jessica Parker is promoting her new film about working motherhood I Don’t Know How She Does It and while most journalists just want to chat about Sex and the City, Katie Couric is interested in how SJP’s own life mirrors that of her stressed out protagonist. The mother of three discussed her film career and her ambitions as a child but she also had some rather astute observations about how stay-at -home mothers and career-oriented moms can often go at one another for their choices.

Sarah Jessica was surprisingly candid and perceptive when asked by Katie Couric about her thoughts on the “mommy wars”:

“To suggest that it’s work outside the home and it’s not work in the home is so crazy to me and I can see that sometimes that’s the source in some ways of this interesting conflict. We’re all slightly envious of the other all the time anyway…what I’ve learned about being a parent is how much you secretly learn from everybody else and how valuable it is.”

The last line sounds a bit like standard PR, but SJP has zeroed in on a very crucial element when understanding the tension between moms of different paths — the definition of “work.” Undermining one woman’s contributions to her family or another’s to her boardroom does very little to advance perceptions about women’s roles. Work that has traditionally been deemed “women’s work” tends to go undervalued, especially in the home. And as working mothers know all too well, that notion can extend to the office as well.
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