‘Santa’s Husband’ Is the New Children’s Book Everyone’s Going to Want This Christmas

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(Twitter/AP Quatch)

Is it too early to start Christmas shopping? Because there’s a new children’s book coming out over the holidays called “Santa’s Husband,” and everyone’s going to want to buy it.

According to Publisher’s Marketplace, “Santa’s Husband” will be released over the holidays, and it’s the story of Santa Claus, who is black, and his white husband who often fills in for him at malls. It’s about their life at the North Pole, and it’s described as being a parody children’s book in the vein of Go the Fuck to Sleep. It’s written by Daniel Kibblesmith, author of several comics and a staff writer on The Late Show with Steven Colbert, and it has some exceedingly cute illustrations by AP Quatch. It’s being published by Harper Design, so one presumes it will be a very good-looking book when it comes out.


The wild thing is that this whole thing seems to have started as a funny Christmas tweet. A few months ago, during Christmas,   the Mall of America made the news for hiring its first Black Santa Claus, a devoted, veteran Santa named Santa Larry. Santa Larry was a great Santa and so popular that all his appointments filled up almost instantly, much to the chagrin of the racist idiots telling kids that Santa Claus must always be white.

The Mall of America’s Black Santa was the talk of Twitter at the time, and while it was going on, Kibblesmith made a pretty funny tweet of his own:

Kibblesmith joked that he and his fiancee planned to tell their future kids that there was only Black Santa, and if they saw a white Santa they would say, “That’s his husband.” (Kibblesmith’s fiancee, Jennifer Wright, is the former editor of The Gloss, which is a former sister site of Mommyish.)

It was a clever idea, and now it’s actually going to be a book. Santa’s Husband will be out in time for the holidays, and it sounds like the sort of thing that a lot of people are going to want to buy for themselves and their friends. Well, except for the usual monsters. The people who are boycotting Lego Batman for being “gay propaganda” are probably not going to like this at all. But those people’s holidays were already ruined when American Girl released a boy doll, so the fact that this is going to ruin Kirk Cameron’s Christmas is just a cherry on top of the cute LGBT Christmas book sundae.